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oh well

one of my friends who knows more about it than i do…pointed out that my little iphone hack was unnecessary since there is already a free official roku app for smartphones. which works slicker than snot. alas, i was pleased with myself for a few minutes.

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okay so i mentioned my love affair with my roku box. And i added as a private channel which actually has the ability to let you add still more channels to that channel..but i was bumming because my Roku was an early model which has a basic remote lacking an asterisk button. go figure. I […]

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do you roku?

one of the things you do when you are broke, is explore the things you already have to find out if you can get more out of them. I simply can’t believe i have had my Roku box for 3 years and didn’t know there were ‘extra’ channels available. …no i don’t mean porn…well i […]

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