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Picking up Bandit Signs

i hadn’t intended to make another video, but i discovered two more signs where i thought i had gotten them all…in fact i was in a different town yesterday and it was all i could do not to stop and remove theirs as well. it’s slightly addictive. These are all signs that don’t take much […]

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Here’s an example of one of the many things you can do with peg board, as i am discovering.  If you get it cut to fit at the store, pegboard solves a number of problems, and i am especially pleased with this one. For $15 bucks total,  I bought three white medium density fiberboard cabinets […]

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thanks craig

Sold the sink i found at the dump for $40..these sell for 80-100 new…i actually picked it up for the clinic..but this kind of plumbing is outside the range of the vet’s husband who installs such things – so they went with the crook necked faucet we had already bought them. $40 bucks is a […]

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