orangestringtagI finally gave away the last two boxes of my mother and ersatz grandmother’s china/glass …when i started trying to downsize all that stuff, i know i had a yard sale, then i dragged it out to other folks benefit yard sales, i was giving pieces away when i could. I certainly didn’t have any sentiment when i looked at the stuff…just the feeling of responsibility. I pulled a couple of tiny china pieces and popped them in the glass cabinet next the books and a some of my own breakable pieces i really need to downsize. And I boxed the rest up nicely and put it on the porch..someone’s having a benefit yard sale for their animal rescue group and its gone. Meanwhile down in the basement where it came from…i THINK that’s the last of the stored breakables…though i still want to clean out the cedar closet..now i know there’s nothing i want in there…but i have a mind to disassemble the entire thing prior to marketing the house..all the wood will go in my woodpile in the garage…and i can build another cedar closet elsewhere. But i don’t want to be disassembling things AFTER someone sees the house. That’s rude i know.

That’s where the tags come in… every time i look at something i am mentally parsing is it MINE? or is it part of the house? I see my fridge in my kitchen as MINE, though i may not need it where i am going. But if i had to pay for something out of my own pocket it is MINE and i don’t want the house sale to cover it. It’s just an ego thing. So the tags….there’s plenty of stuff in the basement that goes to the dump. and some things that i can still give away..but there’s some stuff i need to take with me. Obviously all the industrial shelving, the dinette set from the old house…it will be good on my screen porch…that i am going to have, even if i have to build it… there’s a vintage mini shopping cart i use for laundry,…and the GOOD washer… so i’m thinking bright orange tags…so that anyone looking at the property can tell THOSE things are not included. It will also help remind me when i am moving stuff i won’t have to RECONSIDER each piece every time.

Anyway I found colored tags on amazon but i traced them back to their third party seller Jampaper  who seem to have a radically wide assortment of merchandising and gift decorating accessories.   I am glad I visited that site…i am putting it in my back pocket along with SKS Bottle & Packaging     and Bags Unlimited…  places I go to look for just the right thing to finish something off.  I uses SKS Bottle all the time and Bags Unlimited has some very hard to find items for me.   But Jampaper seems to have the things I may not have a use for right this moment….but perhaps in the future… so I’m adding the tags to my shopping list..next time i get some money.



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