tonight take away

To keep my spirits up, I am going to make a new rule that i eat out once a week, if i can afford it that is. Since vegetables only limits my selection, it also limits the expenses. This particular Asian Take away vends that sort of mediocre brown sauce type of food but for the most part it has never made me ill nor tasted badly which is more than i can say about most restaurants of that sort. Tonight i looked at the menu anew, there are about a half dozen meatless offerings, and i am sure they would make me anything i requested if i thought of something. Basically that’s mixed vegetables, snow peas and broccoli in various sauces over my own Jasmine Rice. They swore that the spring roll was meatless and probably is…but the ‘friedness’ can not possibly be acceptable on any diet. I am not having too hard a time though i am jonesing for chocolate..considering normally chocolate never crosses my mind, this is odd. But i will have to make a special trip to find some that doesn’t have animal protein.

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