take your best shot

i seem to be getting hit from all sides today…..and it’s not even by bill collectors.
let it be known here and now, that if you want to take a swing at me there’s plenty of space in the comments. take your best shot – i really don’t care.

I have been digging away at the 14″ of snow that everyone in the building is ignoring…i should just leave it in front of their doors and cars and only dig myself out like everyone else. this is a good place for a ‘harumpf’. And speaking of Himself, he tried to ambush me today and got nowhere. I don’t know why he even tries…I own just as much of the building as he does. The only way I am leaving is feet first.

One of the vendors who sent me the wrong product won’t send me the right one unless i let them double charge me for the wrong one AND the right one…oh joy…. and I warn folks those chatty-cathy’s on the Craig’s List discussion groups are insipid little cowards..if you aren’t part of their clique, they start in with the vulgarities to drive you off…and you know me, i never met a vulgarity i didn’t like…but jeeze lousie…isn’t there anywhere you can hold a civil conversation without being trolled up the backside?

I guess I am still in a foul mood…i am still missing 2 cat and with all this snow it is doubtful I will see them again. I’m gonna swill some caffiene and get back to entering books while it’s not so freaking freezing.

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