taking it on the road

I meant to write this earlier but I have been busy . . . . for the 5 readers who were asleep, I have a spot at the New England Antiquarian Book & Ephemera Fair on Sunday in Concord, NH. I haven’t done a show in a couple of years, so I had to start from scratch gathering stuff I need or may need. I have posted book fair check lists before but now I was forced to fine tune it, or more accurately expand it ridiculously. Doing a book fair is kinda like camping with your office supplies – you gotta bring a little bit of everything: Staples, tape, pencil sharpener.

Yes, I made a pdf for printing out: showlist.pdf I know folks are gonna look at MY list and shake their head saying,”I have done a hundred shows an never needed object ‘X'” . Sure, there are a lot of things on the list that are superfluous, that’s the object of making a list, ‘what you MIGHT need’. Putting it on a list forces you to consider taking it or not taking it. Most times I am not the person who ends up needing the useless ‘stuff’ like a staplegun or a hammer or a lint roller, but the folks in the booth across the way. Aside from being a great ice breaker, it’s nice to be able to help other booksellers in need. Doesn’t mean they didn’t think ahead, just means – shit happens – who knows? they could have lost their luggage at the airport (had THAT happen), or had their ditty bag accidentally thrown in the trash (had THAT happen.)

Lucky for me this show is in my backyard, I left off all the stuff you have consider when doing a show you have to travel to. Passports, invitations, hotel tickets, state temporary tax permits, carnets for exporting, professional shipping trunks – I could go on as each situation needs a unique list.

Since I have gone to all this trouble getting all this shit together to take it on the road, I am feeling ambitious. I now have spots at the Bedford, NH show on Aug 9th and the next Concord Show in Sept. I hope I make enough from this show to pay for going to those.


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