taking my own advice

I don’t suffer idiocy well . . . . or not at all actually, which in this age of faceless, nameless minions running the world, results in me spending a lot of time banging my head against the desk.
Before this weekend, I knew two things for sure: use Godaddy.com to host servers, because they have the best customer support and don’t buy anything from Walmart.com because they have the worst. So, what did I do? I let my domain get hosted by IYD.com and I ordered Christmas presents for my brother’s kids from Walmart.com. Yes it’s okay to laugh – go ahead I don’t mind.

I already had my domains registered with IYD.com so it was really laziness to just click the button and have them host it. But little did I know they had just bought a hosting service which has an interface designed by drunken monkeys. And they themselves were bought by Twocows – so to make a long story short, their customer support if indeed there still is any occurs only on alternating Wednesdays during a month without an ‘R’ in it. For the last 4 days I have been emailing them constantly trying to fix an email access problem, but I guess everyone there is out to lunch . . . and before you ask – YES I just signed up to move the whole enchilada to Godaddy.com.

As for the other, it was a case of willful laziness. See, I don’t SHOP between Thanksgiving and New Years . . . too many people, too much stress, – I end up leaving a trail of corpses in my wake, it’s not pretty. But I decided to give Mikayla, a Brother Sewing Machine and Taylor, a Radio Controlled Land Rover – both of which were the least expensive “you-know-where”. There is me, thinking I’m smarter than I am, I had them delivered to the store in the next town, saving on shipping as well as getting the best price. However, 4 days after the stated delivery time passed I was still not getting any information from these faceless wankers. I warn you DON’T try calling them, apparently Walmart as a whole, no longer has a phone service. Which I knew but had forgotten, 30 minutes on hold and then getting disconnected made me suddenly remember. So, I did what any good consumerist would do – I spammed them . . . I logged into their contact form and sent about 25 messages, demanding shipping status. (I had tried sending just one, but it was answered with a form message) and voilá I magically have an answer and the gifts are waiting for me. Odd huh?

Willfully lazy, yep that’s me. Scuse, me I gotta go build another website.

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