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worth reading • from David Pogue’s New York Times technology Blog: Some E-Books are more equal than others. another tale of Kindle inadequacy: for an as yet unexplained reason, Amazon has removed the works of George Orwell from its Kindle Database… AND also reached into all the machines belonging to Kindle subscribers and ripped the already bought and paid for downloads out by the roots (at least they credited the purchase price.) In a nutshell: aside from having an unreasonable sticker price, a black and white screen sans photographs, needing electricity to work, not being allowed to share or save these downloads, surchages to add your own content, having secret limitations on the NUMBER of downloads, AND if you lose your Amazon account, Amazon cancels your Kindle account too……but…and this is the best part ….. the company also retains the right to reverse your purchase at any time. So tell me again how this fucking machine is better than having and holding hardcopy books? cause right now I really want to know.

Let’s not forget that some idjits in That was hard for me to write, I expect better of these guys. The government should be open source hardware and software – kowtowing to these corps and their propreitary hardware and software just condones this phony baloney taksies backsies nonsense.

REALLY worth reading • BTW in certain countries copyright has expired on Orwell’s books, so let your fingers do the walking and travel to these distant lands to get free un-stealable electronic copies. Personally I recommend Bookshop Memories [] and of course 1984 (1949)*

*please remember I am not condoning downloading these e-books INSTEAD of the hardcopy..but in addition to. personally i think i have 2 or 3 copies of 1984 around..i like the cover art.

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