talking to myself

This is the post i was thinking about on friday when they very polite man in the jackboots with the gun, suggested i would be happier with my truck in the impound lot – or maybe HE would be happier. it seems we had a difference of opinion regarding the mandatoriness of car insurance. alas i did finally admit he had the upper hand and the 9mil. and after paying the ransom for my vehicle I finally got back on the road. it seems the car insurance kept slipping to the bottom of the pile under lights, food and cat litter. my bad.

Lately, my senior moments are starting to come back to back to back. so, i am constantly sending myself messages. I never did have the journaling gene, but when i remember, i make lists of the things i can remember. but i find the easiest thing to do is to send myself an email or pop something onto a calendar with a pop up reminder feature. my inbox always has a few things in it, i still need to attend to and i leave them there until i can delete them totally. sort of a nagging reminder.

I have mentioned before about the lots of places on the net to store stuff, which is ideal if you think there may be a chance that your computer may up and die on you or that someone may wander off with it in the dead of night. it would be nice to have all your handiwork safe from immediate danger even if it’s from you. in the early days of internet bookselling, losing or corrupting your data was just a fact of life, so you got pretty good at making back up and extra copies of your database.

Lately i have been using which is kinda of idiot proof, 1 gig of storage for free. can’t beat that with a stick. I was carrying around some datafiles on my SD cards, so i would always have things like passwords and phone numbers regardless of what computer i was on. but i found i was getting lazy and not updating the cards. the cards are mainly for programs and carrying printables documents. So, i’m just tossing stuff up on dropbooks when i get up from one computer and it will be there when i sit down at another. easy peasy.

and if you get paranoid about uploading unencrypted files with passwords and stuff, you can do a simple trick, of stripping off the extension and perhaps renaming the file to gibberish. as long as YOU remember what it is supposed to be when you download it again. perhaps i’m wrong but i don’t think anyone is gonna go finding my 1 kb file in the massive internet unless they are looking. and the fellas from homeland security already have a tap on my lines so where’s the fire?

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