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Now that most of us have cellphones w/cameras we needn’t put things on the back of our own business cards in that illegible scrawl that our handwriting has become since we learned to type. I can see a lot of the audience shaking your head saying, “I don’t need no phone with no camera – I HAVE a camera and I have a phone.” Well, yeah you do especially if are having more ‘senior moments’ that you used to. With it you can shoot store signs, street signs, items in stores, labels on products, packages, the sign near where you parked your car, a clever display, depending on the image quality – business cards, or even radically a BOOK.

So, you shot a picture of something you want to remember, now what? Now, send it to yourself. If your cellphone has a camera your service will most likely let you send it somewhere. Make sure you have your OWN email address in your phonebook – even a hotmail or a gmail account – now READ your manual and figure out how to send attach your picture to an email. (You lost your manual didn’t you? – Google for it, I am sure you can download it as a pdf.) Send yourself a few test messages until you get the hang of it. To speed up the sorting process once you get back to your PC, put a tag or keyword in the subject – try a unique word, set up a filter to a mailbox for all your image post-it notes.

As you know I have been playing with Flickr, which has a FREE mode just demanding to be exploited. Images in Flickr can be public OR they can be PRIVATE, which I didn’t have much use for until I figured this out. Flickr gives you a unique email address you can email your images to when you are on the road, (it also gives you an unique email address that lets you post your images AND send it to your blog simultaneously, cool eh?) However, if you add ‘+private’ to your email like so – your picture gets filed as ‘private’ and you can add tags to the subject line – Tag: cats

Of course, you can always text message yourself something you want to remember later. Or have messages sent to yourself – T-mobile gives me an email address (I have like 12 email addresses now) for my text messages and if they didn’t charge me 10 cents each time I received one, I’d have my calendar reminders emailed to me. Both Yahoo Calendar and Google Calendar will do that for you – its very cool. Future will let you send emails your self as long as you schedule them 75 days ahead, so there’s no reason to forget your mother’s birthday.

You have your toys, so use em.

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