pitandthependulumcomicI just can’t be trusted with money. I got a wholesale order yesterday which gave me $200 in profit….so it lasted all of about 3 hours. I paid the car excise tax bill that started off at about $40 but since i didn’t pay it when it was due, it was now more than twice that. It had been hanging over my head like the sword of Damocles. Don’t get me wrong there is still a much larger one up there but it’s more like Poe’s Pendulum…pray tell me who BUILD’S A SHARPENED PENDULUM like that? WHY? slicing vegetables?  it’s not something you just have lying around the castle…… The electric bill is still out there swinging back and forth above my head.  One day soon I am going to be sitting here in the dark, i’m sure.

As a reward for paying one bill, i took the debit card for a trip to Walmart to get cat food and a few groceries. But to take the edge off i made a walk through of the Salvation Army thrift store…i’m going to miss my Salvation Army, i checked out the one in Greenfield, it’s rather spartan….I wanted a khaki lightweight jacket which i did manage to find for $8 and then I indulged in a few kitchenish items, italian glass fridge pitcher, a small baking dish, wicker laundry basket and  some Farberware mixing bowls..grand total $20.    Trust me if i didn’t satisfy my need for instant gratification with used items, i spend ages analyzing everything on sale in the department store looking for the ‘DEAL.’

Surprisingly, the cat food was actually in stock and i could use the damn coupons I bought off ebay.  Friskies changed the case size to 12, so the coupons for $1 off 24 cans doesn’t work, cause now the stores on keep one case on the shelf at a time..the sneaky bastards.    I find because i can’t afford to indulge in stockpiling more than one of an item, my coupons are going unspent. It’s disheartening.     Aside from the pet food ($50), and some canned goods, I grabbed coffee, cocoa and cola…. my three favorite caffeine delivery devices.  grand total $80.


I actually have developed an extremely frugal lifestyle.  I am hoping with a nest egg in the bank, what i make will seem like so much more.

For the last few days I have been reading product reviews, not just Fridge and Freezer, but washing machine and driers, and studying EnergyStar Ratings.    I keep working with the household SYSTEMs in my head trying to predesign the most efficient home possible.  And as one would expect just improving ONE aspect such as the heating system isn’t enough, all the other systems should be replaced and improved in order for the system as a whole to run at maximum efficiency.   One of the things i have ALWAYS wanted for the apartment I am in now is a tankless ON demand water heater.   In my opinion and from what i have read it is ideal for ONE person…i mean how often do i take a hot shower? every couple of days?  the only other time I use hot water is to hand wash dishes…i can’t put my hands in cold water, never could.   I am sure the gas company makes the bulk of their money just heating and reheating water over and over and over again just in CASE we may need to turn it on to rinse a fucking dish.

I have added a tankless water heater to my Install list in the new house, I am sure that will save me even more of the electricity I will be generating.   Which increases the price tag of the house I haven’t bought yet.  if i were EARNING more money month to month, this wouldn’t scare me, but it does.  In the end having the most economical house possible is all good,  But having having more money in the bank means I can set up a larger annuity…(i really can’t have access to all the money all the time, i’m just not that good with it.)

lava-wave-machine-590x298The only way I can describe what’s going on inside my head is this stupid doohicky.  Somedays I think having more cash in the bank is best, some days I think investing in the physical plant of the home is best, i wish there was a third color in there, cause some days i think just saying fuck it all and hoping on a plane is best.


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