Did i mention i started subbing last month? not a lot so far..i guess i’m on the bottom of the to be called list..but since they basically drafted me i’m not too far on the list..just wished they paid weekly instead of biw-weekly which i am still waiting for. I got called today but turned them down…i have ANOTHER side job i need to finish today. one of the online orgs has hired me to collate their onilne newsletter, it’s not rocket science, just wordpress. And only a few times a year so far. Strangely i have all these jobs and all these lines of income and i STILL only had $4 bucks in the bank until this morning. Someone bought that brown 6XL on ebay…so I got bread and milk money until tomorrow…when a few direct deposits should hit the bank. Meanwhile i have a growing string of things to do with the very little money i do get.

Mostly i have been subbing at the high school level. Monday i was in the grammar school learing disabled students where Emily drew me a few picturess. Her’s is much nicer than what i drew. Yesterday back to the high school where some lindsey lohan wannabees were mean to me. my experience with wild animals comes in handy..everything is a negotiation.

They threatened to call me everyday if i let em, basically i already decided i couldn’t do it more than 3 or 4 times a week anyway. I still need to do all these other five jobs i got..or is it six. Funny the one I am excited about is going shopping at the thift shops for something else to sell on ebay.

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