Techies Day

worth recording • featured on NPR Eyes on the Prize, the landmark documentary series on the Civil Rights Movement that first aired 20 years ago, returns to public television beginning Monday evening on most PBS stations nationwide. Eyes on the Prize hasn’t aired on television since 1993 due to a storm of disputes over expired copyrights for archival film footage. yes this begain last night, but my pbs station reruns things – a lot.

birthdays •
1900 – Thomas Wolfe, American author (d. 1938)
1916 – James Herriot, English veterinarian and author born
1925 – Gore Vidal, American author

events •
NJ – Collingswood Book Festival – Collingswood, N.J.
VA – Fall For The Book Literary Festival – Fairfax, Va.

audio • Noam Chomsky guests on NPR’s On Point, to talk about the US as a failed nation.

worth reading • Oregon paper profiles Ken Corliss of Bartlett Street Book Store

obit of note • the Coliseum Books, a bastion of independent Manhattan book sellers since the early 1970’s, the curtain is apparently closing on a second and final act.

idiot alert • Georgia mother wants Harry Potter books removed because the series promotes and glorifies witchcraft. hmmmm well DUH. so did Dorrie and the Blue Witch in 1964, and the Littlest Wtich in 1959, and Wizard of Oz in 1900.

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