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map While I was sitting here waiting for Snoopy to be delivered by an Animal Control officer who had never been to my house, I had to text her some directions to my house, and it occured to me to add a snap of the map of my house to the cluster of images on my phone that I keep permanently. Over the last few years I have come to depend on the little camera in my smartphone for nearly all my note taking needs. But first I had to UNLEARN myself from the idea of what a note is… Evernote is good for that whack on the side of the head. and I had to start thinking of images as something completely temporary. I may be just snapping an image that in a few days, minutes or hours it will become just a dead post it note headed for the trash can icon.photo (1)

I am not all that impressed with the camera on the Iphone 3 for creative or permanent work. Once in a while it may take something worth keeping but not when I want it to.
But I do use it to replace my failing memory and a pencil. Why write something down, when I can just take a picture of it? why keep track of that post it note or the back of a business card, or whatever I happened to scribble something on to. (there’s no way for me to escape ending that sentance in a preposition)

It took me the while to make it my FIRST response whenever I get a scrap of information, but now I just shoot it: phone numbers, emails, apppointments, directions…business cards… I snap it and hand the it back to the person, instead of waiting until I find it crumpled up in a wet ball in the laundry. Sometimes I will save the image as a ACTUAL NOTE by forwarding it to Evernote or emailing it to myself.

If I walk by a poster I want to remember, a flyer for a yard sale, concert, lost dog, the hours of operation, a recipe in a book, a book cover or bar code, the model number of a device, the ingredient label on a food item, the shelf tag on a grocery product, the price tag in a store, the label on a piece of clothing, a call number for a library book, and the list goes on. If i need to pick up a specific part at home depot, I am just as likely to either snap a picture of the packaging or call it up on the web and send the screen grab to my phone, so I can just hold it out and see ‘THIS IS WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR.’ Not to mention snapping images of things i can’t quite describe…


I have this piece i have to replace from a bracket of a patio umbrella. i know what it does, but i will need to show it to someone to find out what it is…


Most recently I am shooting my odometer when I get in the truck and get out, thus elminating the need to write down my mileage. With this phone you can snap a ‘print screen’ by hitting the ‘enter’ button and the ‘on/off’ button simultaneously, which I find wicked convenient, I can look up something on the internet while using WIFI and then snap it, and won’t have to burn data plan minutes while I am elsewhere.

tideA couple of ideas I picked up from hacking sites were : take picture of your parking garage location, i would take it further and shoot your license plate, registration, license, insurance info, utility bill account numbers, and so forth. I am forever sending my license and birth certificate images to people with a W-9 and other forms. There are apps, that let you LOCK images on your phone so they can’t be retrieved by others. I embed them in notes in an Awesome Notes app, and then code lock just that notebook.

photo (3)

There is no music or ringtones and or even games beyond tetris…so there’s a room for more images on mine – the Yankee in me won’t let me upgrade until this one stops working…..over the couple of years i have had it…i’ve kinda figure out which sort of ‘picture’ pictures remain undeleted. Those snapshots people used to carry in their wallet…….you can even snap a photo of another photo if i don’t have it already. Myself, I tend to keep photos of anything i bring up in conversation: photos of rescued animals that are still up for adoption, animals with a good rescue story, pets i have worth talking about, photos of the covers of books I have published and so forth. (my children ha!)

photo (2)

Besides the little map, and the 100 year old picture of my house and a picture of a meet up spot on the river that comes in hand to direct people. A clever photo is well worth 140 characters.

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