thanks craig

Sold the sink i found at the dump for $40..these sell for 80-100 new…i actually picked it up for the clinic..but this kind of plumbing is outside the range of the vet’s husband who installs such things – so they went with the crook necked faucet we had already bought them.
$40 bucks is a drop in the bucket…basically it’s gas money OR cat food and of the other not both. but i suspect it may just end up in the bank with the few dollars that are in there..i need to pay a vendor a few hundred this week so i can place some reorders…cash doesn’t hang around me very long..i have never ever mastered the savings account part of life. every time i get a few dollars ahead the universe spreads the word and a bill or a debt or an emergency bit swims up and bites me in the ass.

I haven’t used craigslist much..i WAS using it primarily for trading in bicycles..which i need to go back to doing..i still have 12 bikes in the garage needing various amounts of work. But in the past I have been able to move other odd items. It seems to be extremely useful for selling large professional grade stuff that you wouldn’t want to the sink. i knew who i would get for a customer… someone who HAD to buy a hand sink – usually food preparation or other human contact industry – but wanted to cut costs. That’s exactly who showed up today..the business owner with the money roll and the poor schmuck overseer who will have to deal with the sink situation. I wish i had a more consistent source of crap to sell. I think i have already scoured the corners of the property …but I am sure I can find a few more items. In fact i tossed the HB Juice extractor onto Craigslist for $15 just to see if i can squeeze something out of it instead of freecycling it.

I’m still want to get rid of half of everything i own..i have been REALLY REALLY slacking off. Basically it’s like this..if something is valuable but shippable it goes to ebay, if it is valuable but not shippable, it goes on craigslist..if it is not valuable it goes to freecycle. It’s raining here today – perhaps i will create some trash.

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