Thanks to all out entrants, I will reread all the posts and pick a winner either arbitrarily or by throwing a dart at the computer screen. I will post it on the weekend.

Truly thanks for lending me your words to use instead of my own. So, far this week I have been smacked in the head, not once but three times by cabinet doors, and once by a shelf full of books. I had a lovely nasty cold which left me voiceless for a few days and found out that my mother’s apartment has mice. Which is a lie, it’s the building that has always had a few mice but since her apartment has been vacant they have been merrily rooting through her cupboards.

And before you ask, NO. No one in my family has had the balls to tell her that her life is being deconstructed without her knowledge. She still thinks her new residence is temporary, and believe me if I had the funds I would make it so, even though she makes me completely and utterly nuts. But now that my arsehead of a brother has managed to move her out of the building, he has his eye on getting rid of me next. He did however have the gall to tell me I shouldn’t be running a business out of my home (btw 31 years now) I just laughed at him and reminded him that he runs his contracting business out of his OWN home. So, he can kiss my ass. I’m only leaving here toes up, unless of course I become one of those women who dies and no one notices until weeks later and her pets have EATEN her toes . . . or is the eyes they eat first? I will have to look that up.

BTW the part came for my camcorder, I will try to clean off my workbench enough to shoot another repair video. And for some unknown reason I committed to doing the Concord, NH show June 1st – well I know the reason, because I was asked. And of all the shows I did last year, it was the only one that turned a profit. I think the main reason I agreed was so that I would have a virtual kick in the ass, I need to make a paper catalog . . isn’t that almost arcane? But it is something I have put off for months now, and hopefully I will git’erdone for June 1st. Cross your toes.

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