the adventure of beans, beans . . .

I discovered that the library where i do all my research at has a copy machine that does scanning as well…and i mean SCANNING, like scanning entire books to multipage pdfs. That is going to save me soo many hours.

I have a couple of books, i want to get digitized by the end of the year…as well as a fat book on women journalists…and a suprize entry..Secrets of New England Cooking which was my go to references for 18th and 19th century recipes. Turns out it is in public domain. So i scanned it which is the 1st step towards digitization. The next is transcription..which is so much faster from a digital version. I am planning to have a nice selection done by the end of the year… I promised the Farm Store I would give them a spinning rack by late september, hopefully I can afford it.

I spent too much time reading this book today, and ended up throwing a pot of baked beans in to cook. As carb filled as old tyme New England Cooking is, you have to admit it is cheap and filling. It is also the menu of my youth…aside from a dozen back of the box recipes, and a small cluser of Canadian recipes, my mother was a basic Yankee cook. Clam Chowder, Baked Beans etc… She wasn’t a very adventurous cook, but i survived…and became an adventurous cook. Now the wheel has come around and I am relying on the simple recipes that I can cook with my eyes closed.

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