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“How wretched is the person who hangs on by the favors of the powerful.” – Robert Burns

We so totally missed Robbie Burns Birthday. (Jan 25th) I can’t believe I didn’t have this marked on my calendar. Burns of the “ode to the haggis” and “luv is like a red red rose”…oh …who am I kidding?..poetry really doesn’t figure into American life, especially that of drunken Scotsmen. The fact that I even remember who is – is only due to a close proximity to old folks who tend to quote long sections of 18th and 19th century poetry verbatim. I have a friend coming up on 94 who was educated back when the word wasn’t followed by a snicker. Granted it wasn’t ‘multi-gendered & multi-cultural’ But you didn’t graduate anything without knowing how to write and read and do your own taxes.

My buddy Norm Starr asked me to print up some bound copies of his father’s (eminently late Boston bookseller Ernest Starr) favorite poems. And wouldn’t you know it…all 19th century, all long, all with familiar passages that have been pilfered for movie and book titles. Granted they are common as dirt in books and on the net. But when’s the last time you saw someone stand in a room and recite them from memory? Yeah I am drawing a blank too.

But not to fret!! you can dust off your haggis and get blind on single malt all over again on April 6th’s Tartan Day in America!

BTW A manuscript of a Robert Burns poem separated more than a century ago has been put back together.

and Ayrshire, Scotland will hold their fifth annual “Burns an’ a’ that” Festival 25-29 May, 2006.

and in late breaking silliness...readers are suing Random House over Jame’s Freys fibs. hmm…wait i think this has some merit…..


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