the Big Watch

While the power was out over Halloween…yes the power was out….five days, but that’s another story…. I culled a LOT more of my DVD collection.  What was once a couple of thousand dvds is now a piddling few hundred.  But it had to be done. That image in Perez-Reverte’s Club Dumas always haunts my life, the collector who had sold everything to keep his collection together, and now sacrifices one volume now and then so that the rest may remain. Through it all, I still manage to hang on to my Universal and other horror and thriller movies, especially those from the 30s.  To justify their existence as more than more things to shift and dust, I started watching them and recording my impressions.

It is actually a sneaky-ass way to push past the writers block that has consumed me for the last few years.  I thought meds could do it, I thought changing jobs could do it, but falling back to my old friends, my old movies seems to have done the job.  Now I can get past the rest of this and get back to something important. 


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