the bookseller action figure

Introducing the Bookseller Action Figure

As you can see, she is well prepared, cellphone for checking prices, laptop for entering book desciptions, crappy jeans for crawling around on floors rooting through old boxes of books, sneakers for the trudging around with loads of books all day, old flannel shirt for the unheated storage rooms, reading glasses because the eyes go first . . . everything the well dressed bookseller needs. ‘cept a bookbag, which is in the sewing machine now. . . and perhaps a couple of tomato boxes of books, to be made later.

Sorry folks, she is not for sale…this custom made figure is what is called in action figure circles “a kitbash.” As no one actually stocks a bookseller action figure, all the pieces have to be handmade or acquired from other action figures.

I am open to suggestions for names, anything except mine.

And just to make this post interesting,

it was just a few years ago that I was bitching and moaning about how there were no female action figures. (I always had to make do with Barbie and her oddly shaped feet that wouldn’t fit into combat boots.)

GI Joe had only come out with their Nurse and Pilot figures – and some of the more exotic makers were starting to churning out some big breasted comic book character figures, for the adult 12 yr old market.

Since then Legacy of Valor has introduced Eleanor’s Girls, a line with WWII era figures, a Nurse, a WAAC , a WASP, a WAVE and Rosie the Riveteer.

just though i’d share.

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