the box

I got a new jewelry box today….yeah i know it’s like something indiana jones would steal….it probably came from one of those knock off furniture store like Home Goods etc… but still it’s not insubstantial, it certainly isn’t something you want to drop on your foot. Basically MY tiny jewelry box was stolen couple of years ago in a housebreaking…but i didn’t notice it for many weeks since i never wear what’s in it. The BOX is basically where i keep my horde, waiting for the 3 or times a year when i wear something. These kids were taking a cab to my neighborhood and then breaking in to houses and taking the cab home…can you guess what gave them away? well that’s probably when my box got taken – there is damn little else in my house to take especially when you are getting into a cab with your booty. Trying to remember what was IN the box, mostly junque, a few sterling pins, my and my exes wedding rings, aside from that the contents probably didn’t break 200 dollars. But little did these weasels know that the nondescript little cigar box NEXT to the jewelry box contained several hundreds of dollars of amber jewelry…and a few other tidbits that i REALLY gave a shit about. Needless to say i wasn’t THAT all broken up about the missing bits and bobs, more annoyed than anything. In the past I have been robbed before of stuff i cared about, so basically it’s just stuff.

For the last few months i have been wanting a new BOX. mostly because i like picking up a tidbit now and then, but i didn’t have anyplace to put it. so i started looking for a little another little non-descript “don’t bother stealing me” box. I tossed out my request onto Freecycle and was offered this ..this hummvee of jewelry boxes. and i couldn’t resist. the cigar box i am using now actually FITS inside this sucker. Leaving a lot of other room…lots of room in fact. Granted i don’t have a lot of disposable income to fill it with shiny objects i am not going to wear. but the more i think about it, i think at least one drawer will be designated for iphone attachments and the tiny adapters that usually spend hours trying to find only to discover that it has been chewed and partial digested under the desk.

But twist my arm, there must be SOME baubles out there i can afford, such as this little self gift:

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