the buddy system

I dunno if this anecdote spawns a useful idea, but it sounds good . . . .

A bunch of years ago i inventoried a specialty collection for a buddy of mine. An old tyme bookseller with an unhappy relationship with computers. Since then every few years he gets a new computer and rings me up to email him the inventory file all over again. no, don’t go there – i actually know a bunch of folks with the same relationship with computers.

It got me to thinking, if he had kept his inventory all to himself, it may have been lost in the shuffle. But by leaving it on my spare hard drive along with a lot of other crap i never think about it was safe from any operator errors.

Granted online storage can work like that if you find a site you are confident will be around in 10 years time. But perhaps indeed leaving copies with friends may be our safest way to protect our data from its worst enemy . . . ourselves.

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