the couch conundrum

I really loathe living in limbo. I can’t DO much beyond what i have been doing lately… working on books, poking through old storage,  trying to scrape together money to pay the bills… i can say this…i am AM moving stuff from the basement into the dumpster with careless abandoned…. and i am getting to know Greenfield History a little better, i started with an 1836 history which surprisingly mentions a couple of women and people of color…surprise surprise.

Oh the couches…..yeah…well i am still pretending to spend money i haven’t got yet…but it’s really kinda enlightening…see one of these costs $260 and one of them costs $979….yeah there’s the rub. One of our family values is not to waste money on substandard purchases… if you are going to buy something …a table, a bed, a vacuum etc…but the best one you can afford and if you can’t afford it do without until you can. One of the reasons I like antiques, i can buy what i think is a valuable item and make my money go further. When i moved into this apartment 15 years ago, i had to squeeze in a house full of high end antiques. As the years passed i have either sold, or given them away. Until I am down to stuff i don’t care if i light on fire. I haven’t really BOUGHT anything of substance in a long time.


Back to the futons… Perhaps when the house sells i can afford a thousand dollar least for a minute…but the well made, oaken, made in america, solid furniture that is well worth the money…is usually a lifetime purchase….but i am 52 years old now. Do i need furniture that will outlive me at this point? I realize the 260 one may be flimsy and not hold up to constant use…which would be okay for a guest room, but if i plant it in my living room and use it everyday, in five years am i going to have to buy another one? and by then perhaps i won’t want to spend more than another 260…I will certainly resent having spent the 1st 260.

The futon question is like  a lot of decisions I have been making in my head WELL before I spend or even GET one penny to spend. What do i want to invest my money in? Which items need to be expensive? Which items can i skimp or even skip?

I have looked at a lot of furniture online in the last week…it’s a little freaky.. There’s a LOT of very expensive furniture out there…and an infinite number of inexpensive stuff, even if it is overpriced.  But  i can understand the appeal of IKEAness of the world …just being able to buy something you don’t have any emotional attachment or responsibilities for…is very attractive… outfit a house for a few grand and then when your sick of it,  put it all out on the curb for the college students.

But I’m 52… do i want and or NEED a couch that cost more than most of my cars? and do i need a futon? can’t i get by with a couch? well…i do have some folks who are promising to come visit..and it IS something i’d like to make possible. I can’t guarantee i will have a guest room and i never did like the weight and bulkiness of the fold out me… i slept on one for a decade. I decided the futon is a compromise. And if i put a vinyl cover under the regular fabric cover, i can keep it clean until its needed as an actual bed. So, if it isn’t going to be used a lot as a bed, does it HAVE to cost 900 dollars?  i do intend to use it as a couch everyday… i am going to go out on a limb and assume my bedroom will actually BE a bedroom and my office will be pretty much in the living room. Just a wild ass guess.

I really want the expensive one…but i have to take into consideration ALL the cheaper alternatives..i am sure there are some excellent hardwood futon couches in the 500 dollar range …..i just have to track one down. I need something tough enough to last what? the next 20 years? by the time I’m 72, i don’t know if i will really care what the couch looks like, perhaps  i will be dead.   I’d hate to outlive another couch.

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