the customer is always crazy

Don’t take this the wrong way, but I attract crazy people. I don’t know why I just always have. Not that I myself am not more than qualified to ride on the short bus, but seriously folks you are making me nuts.

Today one of my customers seems to have been sucking extra deep from the crazy fountain. She ordered a DOZEN FINE Inkredibles. So I shipped a dozen FINE Inkredibles which happen to be GREY.

The Coarse are white and the Extra Fine are black..though after this batch of black, the factory may start making them beige..i don’t care as long as they work.

Anyway…in the mail comes back FOUR of the Grey Inkredibles and a piece of a white one in a baggie. The note indicated that she had really wanted EXTRA FINE Inkredibles erasers and that I had sent her the wrong ones.

So I explained the whole thing about the color and offered to send her 4 WHITE ones as per her SAMPLE. Now she is screaming at me that I obviously don’t have what she wants and that she deserves a full refund for all the wrong erasers I ever sent her. yeah like THAT’ll happen.

I have issued her a refund for the 4 returned grey erasers and once again tried explaining the difference between black and white. But I think the problem lies bigger than that. The damn things keep going up in price for me to have manufactured nevermind shipping.   I think I may stop offering the Inkredibles by the dozen, this isn’t the 1st time someone has had buyers remorse when they open the box and discover just a box of erasers.  Really excellent ones, but erasers none the less.

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