The Devil is in the Details

I am trying my best to create another blog for the Bibliophile Mailing list, which is a list of a few hundred used book fiends. Spent half of yesterday on it and thought I came up with something pretty good the Bibliophile Bullpen Unfortunately I found that the templates on blogspot vary in appearance from computer to computer. DAMN IT. So the supernifty template I spent hours tweaking, looks like a skinny ass newspaper column on any other monitor. Back to the drawing board. The biggest handicap to creating a blog, is that it’s an x-genner thang. ALl the pimping out is designed to be appealing for an age group that has the attention span of a horny hampster. (yes I tried to find an image of Honry Hampster for the entertainment of the two or three people reading this shit.) So finding a template that actually looked like a grown up was responsible took some doing…problem was that on any other monitor, the text space is too small and the font color is CSS’d GRAY. Who the hell writes in GRAY? SOo, no way can us old farts read dark grey on a light grey background with a fraggin microscope. So back to the drawing board.

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