The difference a grand makes

20131202-081201.jpg i have 1000 in thr bank, i’m rich. Yes i meant that in an ironic sense. technically theres only 900 in there cause there wasn’t a positive balance to begin with. Its early yet, i havent started hewing off large chunks and giving them to other people of mostly corporations. And i have more coming so i can focus on immediate needs. But the difference having it in hand makes inside my brain is really freaky.
I was awake at 4am from an allergy attack as always. But today my brain was inspired and working instead of dwelling on the problems it was coming up with solutions.
I felt stressed about having boxed all those books in the living room and the only solution i could come up with was to lug them into the basement laundry room. A thought that makes me crawl back under the covers. Instead i pulled out my book. The one where i scribble such things. And designed very small dollies that i can use in the living room to “hide” the boxes in plain sight under the work tables.
The boxes are 19×13 which is a relatively standard box size so the dollies will be two boxes wide and one box long and should fit two under each table. Once i have the sketch. I make a parts list and stop at home depot in the way home.
Problem solving is always easier with a little bit of money. And it gives me hope thay i won’t mismanage the house profits.


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