the First first thing to do

At some point yesterday afternoon, i get a call to rush over to the lawyers and sign everything…i think they keep forgetting that i don’t ACTUALLY HAVE A WAY TO RUSH ANYWHERE FOR ANYTHING…. but i was able to press gang another friend into making the trip, i’m giving her the broken truck so she’s got a vested interest. yes i have had a hot shower, my sister in law played the “gee, i didn’t know they would actually  turn it off” gag, when she had the gas account taken out of my brother’s name.  yeah right. ….I didn’t even put on my specs, i just signed everything in front of me.  The final figure i am getting is just about what i had guessed…yay, me.  but when i will get it is still anyone’s guess.

I literally have a LIST of First Things to do when i finally get paid for selling my half the house.  On the List of First Things is buy a new truck, which isn’t as easy as i want it to be,  My mechanic, (whom i owe $400 for the ball joints on the dead truck, also on the list of 1st things to do.)  is looking over Craigslist for a good deal we can drive over and buy – then i have to go through the registration and sales tax malarkey. – then there are things, like …get a hair cut,  get a couple of my cats to the vet, get a doctor’s appointment to try to get my hearing back in my right ear, which takes me into – get the accountant to file the taxes,  so i can prove that i am poor…or at least WAS poor last year….also on that list is buy the new camera, buy a television less than 25 years old, buy a crap load of plastic bins and break down my office so that i can swap it with my bedroom and fit the new flat television into it, because the bitchupstairs keeps calling me to bitch about my television waking her up in the middle of the day, which i have to turn up loud because i am HALF FUCKING DEAF.   It’s a completely jumbled up list.

Right now the First First thing i need to do whether i have the house money or not, is restock on cat food, cat litter, dog food, etc with the few bucks i have left from this weekends beaucoups sales.  So i have press ganged yet another friend to take me to Target after she gets out of work.  I Loathe , absolutely Loathe being the person who NEEDS to be driven someplace.  ‘I’m’ the one who rescues people! I’m the one people call to fix things!’ damn it!    I hate being stuck in the house, not on purpose….no i can’t walk to the places i need to get to, my town has a dead downtown, my nearby choices are liquor store, coffee shop and take out chinese.  Everything is out on the edges, and i am not buying 70 pounds of animal products to take on the bus!

The real First first thing is to get a truck so i can be mobile again.  Having a vehicle to get me up to Maine to actually LOOK for a place to live is the thing from which all other things dangle.   The thought of being carless as I get older is kinda frightening…but if i don’t die,  there will come a time when i may not be able to drive myself where i need to go…that is SO gonna suck.  Hence one of the factors in choosing a house is that it HAS to be walkable distance to the shops – parking myself out in a residential district will just make me that more dependent all that much sooner. The irony of this decision is not lost on me….for most of my life, i just wanted a place in the woods, with enough land around it so that i don’t SEE the other houses.  And twenty years ago, I would have killed and eaten my mother to get that.  But I’m not that woman any more.  I like my amenities where i can see them. I like being on town water and sewage and trash pickup.  then again perhaps i just don’t want to appear some news feed as the lady who lay undiscovered and eaten by her pets.

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