The Good, the Bad, the Weird

I tried to watch the 11:00 news last night…which is a big deal…seriously I haven’t watch television news since probably the last national tragedy…i get my news from NPR like a grown up…and the local news whores led with a youtube video of a woman taking a pee on the carpet of a store…WTF? how is this news? aren’t there any fires or murders or tragedies that would LEAD the news? I should have known better, tv is no longer a legitimate news source.

I barely watch television ON the television cable could be out for a week and I wouldn’t realize it. I cut it the cable bill down to just what I should be getting off a set of rabbit ears. Between Netflix and Hulu, I still keep up with the few things worth seeing.

Netflix sent me some discs to watch before bedtime, Predators – which is worth seeing just to see Adrien Brody mainlining testosterone…yes i said Adrien Brody – the thinking woman’s action figure – you do have to wait to the last reel for the shirt off scene but it’s worth it. (hey, everygirl has to have a hobby) Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time which isn’t worth watching more than once if at all, too much plot for a video game movie, but the special effects are impressive, it’s one of those films that you watch and an hour later you are hungry again. The Hangover, color me surprised this did NOT suck, no lie, it has a PLOT and isn’t just a series of body function humor skits strung together.

But the best surprise was The Good, the Bad, the Weird, another Korean film I love…so far i haven’t seen any Korean film I don’t like. a new twist on the Sergio Leone style of epic film making – an E-Ticket Ride, 130 minutes of nearly straight chases, gunfights and stunts – horses that never need water, motorcycles that don’t need petrol and guns that never have to be reloaded. henchmen who can’t hit the broadside of a barn with a minigun and heroes who trick shoot at 40 miles an hour. Can’t recommend it highly enough…certainly a much more noble waste of time than the local news.

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