the last legal drug

I fell off the wagon.
Since October I have cut back my intake of Soda pop to nearly nothing..just what i could i pinch from the closet at the vet clinic..about 1 every two weeks and Red Bull to nothing. That was really the only alteration i have made to my diet..but that caffiene had to be replaced a few extra cups of tea, chocolate milk from time to time and the headache meds everyday ‘just in case.’ SO far the migraines haven’t come back.
Until this week and they started calling me to substitute again…last week was vacation..this week…..was SECOND GRADE…yeah…that was the day i bolted the redbull…then yesterday…7th grade special ed….so i broke open my tiny paycheck and brought home 3 two-liters along with the groceries. I know i know…but dude…SECOND GRADE? what the fuck? i’d rather be in IRAQ than do that again…

Ontop of the substituting…i pushed out the newsletter for the IOBA They hired me to put their stumbling newsletter back ontrack and in theory money will be forthcoming..which is good.

This week a few small checks came in and evaporated like spit on a griddle. I come home from subbing and type until i nod off and then get up about 5am then get up and start all over again. i have to peddle faster just to stay in the same place. A full bottle of coke got me through a lot of typing last night.. and you would figure that on SATURDAY I could sleep in right? no fear… i was up and puttering at 3am. Caffiene is my friend right? yeah…i have been poking around here ever since…even…FILING…yep… the little bit of money i wasted yesterday was on a ReallyUseful brand FILE BOX.  and filed stuff..something i had put off for a couple of years…and then to top it all off..i started buildling a MS Access database for the SicPress titles…technically i have 29 actually for sale now…and another 4 in midstream…i can’t keep it all in my head anymore. ..that should be a good thing right?

Yeah now i have a few more unfinished projects…and two more liters of coke in the closet. Bucklet up bitches.




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