the price of agoraphobia

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i don’t know if you can tell how steep it is, its not bad for walking but with only 2 wheel drive, it’s hard to get past the phone pole when it is compacted snow. Everyone with 2 wheel drive was trapped for 3 days. Odd we only had a few inches of snow, if we had had 2 feet we would have had much better luck escaping. stucksnow61

I cornered the plow guy today who swears he plowed Friday, but i don’t believe him.

Anyway, mr sun popped out yesterday to melt the driveway, just in time for another layer of snow. It used to be that when it snowed, the tenants and my brother and I would all get out and shovel and the plow was just a bonus. These days its just me, so shoveling is kinda limited to about 30 minutes before i get fed up.

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