the Rat Who Reads

worth reading • From NPR columnist that is now number one on the Bullpen’s must read list – Firmin: Adventures of a Metropolitian Lowife by Sam Savage (Coffeehouse Press) Firmin is an intellectual rat born in the basement of Boston Used bookstore Pembroke Books.

from the Coffeehouse Press site:

Born in a bookstore in a blighted 1960s Boston neighborhood, Firmin learns to read by digesting his nest of shredded books. But he quickly learns that a literate rat is a lonely rat. Alienated from his family, he seeks the friendship of his hero, the bookseller and a down-on-his-luck science fiction writer who frequents the shop. Yet Firmin’s inability to convey his thoughts to the humans he loves leads to a series of harrowing misadventures. Against a backdrop of urban destruction and burlesque cinema, Firmin is led deep into his own imaginative soul—a place where Ginger Rogers can hold him tight and tattered books, storied neighborhoods, and down-and-out rats alike can find people who adore them.

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