the router of all evil

Finally after three weeks of intermittent internet, i now have full access – mostly due to a gift of a second hand router from a buddy of mine. What’s that they say about you don’t miss something as much as when you lose it? Having limited access to the net is like having broken fingers. I couldn’t get anything done fast enough.

and WHAT was waiting for me on the net? a few more psycho customers.

1. After 4 years and three previous editions, i finally had someone take advantage of my “no questions asked” return policy on my book repair book. Apparently one of the vendor links in the appendix is no longer valid. Mind you i only share links for vendors other than myself as a courtesy… but this particular pinhead seemed to think a broken link in a book was reason enough to recall and shred the entire print run…when i asked the customer if she was by chance ‘stupid’ she went a little berserk and promptly returned my book for a full refund…2 weeks afterwards.

2. Now this one is technically NOT a customer, but that’s the only label i got. Today I got a message from an EBAYER – accusing me of blocking them from bidding on a set of books I have listed. Their email was whiny and defensive asking me why i was singling them out and telling me they are an honest customer and why was i doing this to them. Now i have never heard of this guy before and luckily have never had the occasion to block anyone so it took me a few minutes to figure out how it is done and if i had accidentally done such a thing. and NOPE i hadn’t blocked him nor anyone from bidding on anything i had listed. I hadn’t even limited my listing to US bidders. after trading 3 or 4 emails with this guy trying to convince him that i had NO IDEA what the hell he was banging on about, I finally just asked him if he was trying to pull something with all this nonsense. Well, you would have thought i had shot with a cattle prod. all of a sudden i was a criminal and falsely accusing him and i was being reported to ebay. perhaps this was the end goal of all these weird emails? what can he be thinking he is going to get out of it? cause i am still not sure what is wrong with this guy, cept i’d say he’s probably missed some medication recently. So, just to make him happy I granted him his wish, and blocked him.

The more people i meet the more i like my cats.

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