the sign of our times is "no outlet"

This lovely new signage greeted me on my morning commute down Beacon Street in Boston. I dare say they are probably all over town now. Which is quite ironic, considering the Hub of the Universe is legendary for it’s dog-leg crooked streets, dead-ends to nowhere and inaccurate signage. These signs will probably come in VERY hand for those trying to get out of Kenmore after a Red Sox fiasco. The sign on the right is off a civil defense MUSEUM website and dates to the 60s. So it is true that those who don’t learn from history are condemned to rinse, lather and repeat it. Perhaps we should set up several hundred of these around Capitol Hill – now that Jack Abramoff-lobbiest to the rich and powerful – has taken up singing solo tenor, the mid-term elections can’t come fast enough. These rats are gonna be fleeing for their life.

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