the take away

garden1 The irony is that it doesn’t matter if i buy a few extra used dvds or get a few more take out dinners than i really need to buy… even with the money i have in the bank, it is highly doubtful I will be able to buy a least one someplace i want to live. It hadn’t occured to me that the entire market is rigged against the average homebuyer in favor of the investor. I did spent a nice hour sitting in the garden of the house I went to see, the Maine broker and I were chatting away about my projects and what i am looking for in a house. And then some guy swaggered up the driveway to tell us there were already three overbids on a house that had been on the market 4 days. Apparently brokers who get bank owned houses sell them to their investor friends well before they list them on the Multiple Listing Service making them available to the average joe. I am quite disheartened now…i took one last trip to the little red house and stuck my nose in all the windows…it is a bit of a fixer upper now, and a little smaller than it is in my imagination…but if the bank ever hands it off to a broker, it will be a pretty sure thing that it will be sold before it ever gets listed for sale, to someone who may even tear it down and rebuild something ugly and modern on the spot. It is highly doubtful I can outbid an investor who just wants to flip the property and is perfectly happy tearing it down or stripping it out. I can’t spend all my money buying the house, if i have to keep some in reserve to make it basically livable. Like I said…even having the money that i do have will never be enough, it is a feeding frenzy out there with investors scooping up the affordable houses and turning them into unaffordable houses. Not only can i not get a mortgage on a more expensive house, I don’t want one. Right now I could only really buy a mobile home someplace…and the ceilings are never high to hang yourself from the rafters of those things.

This little chapter did tell me one thing…the brokers who told me to be patient are absolutely wrong. Being patient isn’t going to get me anywhere, and I am sick to my ass of living here. I really truly thought i would be able to buy a house when i put this one up for sale. If i had known I may not have sold. Truly I don’t want to die here, i don’t want to be here another day…but i don’t think I have much hope of finding someplace to live that can accomodate my business and my roommates – and if i don’t have those? why bother moving? Sure if it was just me and some personal belongings..i could probably be someone else’s tenant for the rest of my life. But where the fun is that? That’s no life for me… I want a garden, i want to grill a steak, i want to play my movies loud cause i’m going deaf, i don’t want to live in fear that any moment someone else will decided if i have to move. this is all bad, no matter which way i turn.

The only bright side i have is that i can afford Nate to build me more websites. After he finishes i have him tasked to work on and right now i am highly doubtful i will ever be able to move to Maine. I have the website formed inside my head, it is part of my overall plan for increased income, so that’s worth doing. It may take years to make back the cost of having the websites built but if I wasn’t putting my money there, i’d just be pissing it away on used dvds and chinese take away.

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