The United Nations' Day in Support of Victims of Torture

birthday girl • 1892 – Pearl S. Buck, American writer, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1973)

1284 – According to legend, the Pied Piper lures 130 children of Hamelin away.

event • From Verne to Vonnegut: A Century of Science Fiction, an exhibit that runs from Aug. 22-Dec. 15 in the Special Collections Exhibition Gallery in the Morris Library at University of Delaware.

something new • the Washington Post gives us a review of The Secret World of Consumers, Connoisseurs, Curators, Creators, Dealers, Bibliographers, and Accumulators of Erotica by Geoff Nicholson

ningún nuevo nombre • Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s hometown had a referendum on changing its name to that of the fictional town from One Hundred Years of Solitude and almost no one voted.

cookies • Author N. Scott Momaday was awarded the Aspen Prize for Literature from the Aspen Writers Foundation.

bookship • The MV Doulos the world’s largest floating book fair, which has over 6,000 titles and 500,000 books on board, is visiting Malaysia again.

worth reading • the New York Times Review of Books reviews the reissue of Stefan Zweig’s Beware of Pity (Ungeduld des Herzens, 1938) most widely translated author in the world you haven’t read.

portrait of the unartist • from the Charlotte Observer we have a feature of art conservator Peppi White.

banktoaster • terribly simple design for paper ‘corner’ bookmarks. – the pattern is downloadable, but doesn’t look too complicated to wing.

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