the universe giveth and the universe taketh away

You know how you get older and you want what you want, you know?

I WANT my Pilot Varsity Pen BACK! Apparently I can no longer buy them in the real world, only online. And not only did Pilot increase the baseprice, but they aren’t selling 3 packs anymore. Just singles and packs of 7 ‘colored’ pens. Since Anna Nicole Smith is dead, who the hell uses a goddamn PINK pen? Grr grr gnash gnash.

The Varsity is a disposable fountain pen, that uses a GEL ink. So it doesn’t leak or blot and doesn’t hurt my hand if i write for long time and doesn’t hurt my pocket book if I lose it. As I did with one of my 20 dollar Lamy Safaris. 8( Now, I not only have to buy it online, I have to ‘stock up’ for the day when Pilot really screws me.

On the bright side, Koh-i-Noor has reworked their old cumbersome plug in Electric eraser into these sleek rechargeable model. Granted the damn thing is still over $80, but I think they finally mastered the concept. All the power of the corded, but none of the inadequacies of the battery models. If you haven’t tried the new Sakura or Staedler battery models, DON’T. They suck, you can’t get torque and they spin to fast and melt the vinyl eraser cartridge. That’s why I am excited about this new version.

I think I need to tone down this whole EraserGirl thing, I am sounding way to enthusiastic…or maybe just get a T-shirt made….and a cape!

Scuse me I have to go buy a goddam PEN off the internet.

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