the universe is always listening

. . . and it likes a good joke.

Remember when I said I wanted to get rid of all my junk before I die? Well, I just noticed this morning that someone klept my jewelry box. I am having a hard time getting worked up about it. I did call in the coppers, but the only suspect I have in mind, is a person whom I would screw over so much if I were wrong, that is just isn’t even worth being right. It was probably some sort of impulsive pilfer, as the 5″x5″ box was filled with little bits of sparkley junk I don’t think about anymore: old wedding rings, gold filled earrings, silver charms, Bakelite pins etc…. Whereas the nondescript old wooden gateau box next to it holds several hundred dollars worth of amber, not to mention all the computers, cameras, dvds and general fenceable crap my apartment is
littered with. Doubtful any of it will appear on ebay, as kelpts generally keep or give away their booty, it’s an impulse thing. So basically if it took me a week or more to notice it was gone, perhaps it is no great loss. Just more things I don’t have to worry about pawning off on friends and relations.

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