the weight of lead

busy busy busy, seems the fewer job prospects I have the busier I seem to be – . . . . Oreo’s eye is better – after 2 vets and 3 medications, the sight won’t come back but it looks better and she’s no longer in pain. The diabetic cat that I was cat minding for only a week is STILL here 2 weeks later – and her RX has been upped to 3 shots a day. Summer is breathing its last gasps and I really have to do something about getting the hot water turned back on. Alas after 4 temp agencies and umpteen resumes I have only one nibble – if i get it i will tell you what it is – you simply WON’T believe me otherwise.

Anyhow here is the 1st of the next batch of videos I was planning. Some one asked me to carry book weights at I just can’t rationalize shipping lead anythings.

Making some simple book weights with lead shot or with lentils

with both (9:24):

watch with lentils only (3:24)

watch with lead shot only (5:40)

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