theater of cruelty

just when you think civilization can’t devolve anymore than it has.

worth reading • The Belfast Telegraph outed Amazon’s vending of the rape fantasy video game Rapelay. When the Telegraph contacted Amazon for a comment, the game disappeared from the database.

“ has now stopped selling the game Rapelay, a Japanese video game that involves the player stalking victims and then raping them. The rape simulation game involves players chasing a mother on the subway and violently raping her, and then tracking down and raping her two daughters described as virgin schoolgirls. The game includes even more horrific details according to online game reviews, such as the option get other men to join in the attacks, having to force the women to get abortions if they get pregnant, and what a review (NSFW) from Something Awful says are “tears that glisten and move in the little girl’s eyes.”

Granted this is obviously third party upload of a product, but fercrissakes people isn’t anyone watching the goddamn store?

Though the game is no longer available on Amazon, the English version of the game is still being sold on eBay,, and on many other websites.

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