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borrowed from Scott Brown’s fine books and collections blog. The first books from the new Fine Books imprint. good on ya fb&c.

Editions & Impressions


The three issues of Editions & Impressions: Twenty Years on the Book Beat by Nicholas Basbanes, the first book (and brand new) from the Fine Books Press. The deluxe issue (going from left to right) is limited to 52 lettered copies, only 40 of which are for sale. Then, in green, is the numbered edition of 255 copies (250 for sale), and then the trade edition, which has Nick’s smallest first printing – just 3,000 copies.

E&I is a collection of about 30 essays on books and collecting that Nick has written over the last 20 years, including the article that lead directly to A Gentle Madness. Many of the essays are revised and expanded from their original published versions and most have endnotes bringing the stories up to date.

Editions & Impressions can be ordered on the Fine Books & Collections website.

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