they said there’d be cake

On the whole I had a very nice 48th birthday….well uneventful…. To be fair, I tend to set the bar rather low, as long as I don’t get hit by a bus or have a house drop on me, I call it a win. I basically did in a word …nothing…well not nothing…but you know what I mean.  I watched Thin Man movies,  I read actual paper books, I listened to podcasts, I got chinese takeaway and I worked on some wikipedia articles…..hey, i LIKE working on wikipedia articles, it stimulates the brain when it gets sluggish and it gives me the fake feeling I’ve actually accomplished something.

I actually got a birthday card…it was from the Mayor’s Office (small town) but still., that was nice…i did get a lot of well wishers from Facebook…if that trend continues, Hallmark is gonna be in some serious trouble.  I meant to buy a cake..but i’m not a cake eating kinda gal, I bought avocados and made guacamole instead, chips and salsa, yum.

Of course there was the obligatory picking up after my roommates thing, but that’s only cause I don’t like living in hamster cage. BTW the litter of kittens up for adoption have discovered heights…fearless little buggers, one of them showed up completely wet, apparently I had a pot soaking in the sink.  Surprise little bugger.

I had intended to read still ANOTHER book today, Swedish mystery by Liza Marklund, but I just don’t have the patience for fiction I used to have.  Somehow books like The Lampshade seem a better use for any time I have stolen from other activities.  I can polish up fiction on audio, I have a James Lee Burke book on the machine in the Workroom which I will probably finish today when I pack tomorrow’s shipments.  I miss my laptop, that used to be the thing I would curl up with when i went to bed at night….having the time to read is such an strange feeling.

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