things i got for free this week

• a large mixing bowl from Ellinger’s Agatized wood products. mine had begun to chip, and I sent them a letter with the chips. i have a suspicion i may have put it in the microwave by accident

• 3 boxes of Frosting and 1 box of chocolate muffin mix from Jiffy and another copy of their cookbook. I had sent them a letter because i couldn’t find their products anywhere (except for corn bread) they called me and chatted and sent me free stuff.

• several Land-o-Lakes coupons, those I outright wrote and asked for, but i could only use the .55 butter. the other 2 I left stuck into the shelves at the supermarket. I don’t like their prepackaged cheese.

• a Victorinox lock for my new used $300 22″ suitcase. I sent their customer service an email asking how i could buy a new one and they offered it to me. I guess the customer service is WHY someone can sell a $300 suitcase.

• a $20 Dunkin Donuts card. I gave my vintage Weavettes (small little crfty things) to a local woman and she handed me a thank you card, alas the only thing I have been using it for are donuts.

• a few big bags of clean bubble wrap, the florist called me after Valentines day and reminded me to come over and pick them up at my convenience.

• a packet of used US postage stamps with literary themes from a bookseller cleaning their desk.

i don’t get enough free stuff.

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