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10250070_10152607243340312_4301611153655155612_n Since the sale didn’t happen last week like it was supposed to, there was a nice hollow sound in my bank accounts. And i did what i always do, i relied on the kindness of strangers. I offered free shipping on orders on Friday and my bookseller friends…those who are reading this…know who you are, some of them placed some orders…and I had enough gas money to get out of here for the weekend.

38 hours – a new personal best to be away from the flying circus. (but i did have someone pop in and check their food and water yesterday) – a friend invited me to join her extended family up at her family’s camp. It must be nice to have a family camp…i know a few people who have them… not so much in my family, if we went anywhere the trip lasted just long enough for my mother to pick a fight with someone. – anyway….i called dibs on a chair on the porch overlooking the lake and basically didn’t move from that spot the entire time. I am a sucky houseguest, aside from setting and cleaning the table, i basically turn into a melted puddle always on the cusp of falling asleep. But then it doesn’t take much of a vacation for me to relax, all i need is a change of scenery…in my heart i am hoping that just MOVING away will have the same effect – it won’t be so difficult for me to destress.

The weekend was pretty funny…the women all sat on the porch with our noises buried in nooks, ipads and kindles, and them men rooted around in the yard for more things to set on fire. . . and of course everyone brought dogs. – i think the dogs had the best time out of all of us.

I didn’t have one panic attack where i envisioned my housebound cats sprouting opposable thumbs and reigning chaos down on my belongings. I can’t wait until i have a house with a cat proof screenporch….them buggers are getting webcammed. Of course they did SOME damage but it was mostly along the lines of free range vomiting.

It’s never just the cats that worry me, for the last 20 years i have been here, i always worry that i would come home and find my brother had locked me out, or put some of my things from the garage or barn or basement – out on the curb. These are not just imaginings, he has a track record for this sort of behavior. And now that the house has finally ‘sold’ or so they tell me, i haven’t seen any actual proof, certainly not a check. But for once i didn’t worry, what’s the worse that could happen? No fear…. sometime over the holiday weekend Himself and Mrs. Himself had my gas shut off – which means no hot shower, no dry clothes.

To be fair, the gas is still in their name…because i still haven’t been able to clear that ridiculous heating bill from last year… but since i still haven’t gotten paid for my half the the fuck am i supposed to get the hot water turned on? The least the little bastard could have done was wait until AFTER they passed papers. This is just petty bullshit – lets screw her over one last time – nonsense. I mean seriously – why bother? I dropped a dime to the lawyer and mentioned that I am not signing anything for anyone until i can take a hot shower. and everybody involved can go fry ice. The least these tinpot asshats could have done was wait until the 1st of the month – in theory i’d have a positive bank balance.

The lawyer double checked with me the other day, whether i thought the fifty fifty split of the proceeds was equitable…i don’t know why the hell he asked…he already told me in no uncertain terms that he was not the least bit interested in going after my brother for anything I think he owes me, including any portion of the second mortgage he may have embezzled or any portion of the profits of the house that he has kept since he got my mother’s power of attorney – it’s just too small an amount for him to bother with. Well since he wasn’t interested in being my champion, why the hell did he ask me if i was happy with my half of the piddly crumbs of what was on offer? My brother is an evil mutherfucker, and his wife is delusional at best. they can take the money and choke on it until they turn blue. But for fuck’s sake, leave me a hot fucking shower, was that too much to ask?

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