things you find when you really try

i’m good at finding things . . . no really i am. if it’s out there i can find it . . . years of practice from folks sending me on a lot of what they thought were snipe hunts. sometimes it takes me a wicked long time, but in the end i have that pelt on my cave wall.

like most of the book-ish persuasion i used to carry a little back book with the titles of all the books i was looking for. with the coming of the internet, the book was replaced with a database, which slowly dwindled into a spreadsheet and then a small text file – which i eventually misplaced. now if i want something i only have to reach out and type something. (hey, finding it and affording it are 2 different things)

since i am no longer acquiring thing, i try NOT to look in the first place; thus avoiding the urge to buy and squirrel junk away needlessly. But i caught a glimpse of the postcard depicting my house 100 years ago . . . and you know i just HAD TO HAVE IT.

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