this is my life

It’s not that i don’t have anything to say…personally i think its because i have too much. in order to stave off serious depression i keep myself busy…very busy. when i sit down at the computer it’s a big deal if i have the time for a short facebook status update – writing a blog post seems strenuous activity.

Besides i could be sitting in traffic and think of a great topic and by the time i get home 5 other things will have happened to me that have kicked that idea right outta my skull.

Ferinstance…yesterday i get up at 6am, clean the house and feed people (i have roommates, see above) at 7:00 i load the back of the truck with implements of destruction to do some trash pick up on the rail trail, at 7:30 i do a little constructive vandalism but ‘confiscating’ an old abandoned newspaper dispensing unit from a streetcorner to secret into the big pile of trash. At 8AM i meetup with a tiny crew from the rail trail to pickup a few hundred pounds of trash

10AM I chat up some of the local abutters and find they have 2 mama kittens with litters under their house. So i postpone another city trash pickup chore.

11:00 made myself presentable to meet some friends at noon, picked up the recharged battery for the boat trolling motor (another trash collection tool) drove around collecting traps to tackle the kitten problem.

12pm I meet some friends at the MARIAB book and Paper fair in Wilmington where I bought a vintage Book mending library supply catalog for a fair price as well as a copy of Improbable Warriors : Women Scientists and the U. S. Navy in World War II.

3pm Set traps for kittens, caught 2 out of three. Kept checking and rebaiting the traps until it started to rain.

5pm gave up trying to trap in the rain, came home and started processing emails.

6:pm Did laundry and packed orders to ship on Monday

7:pm settled in for a protracted struggle with Paypal regarding the Animal Rescue Merrimack Valley’s account and why it doesn’t like MY particular computer. Seriously we need donations…click here

I can’t remember much after this….i think i fell asleep in front of the tv.
Today was much like yesterday, cept i did make it to adoptions with 2 cats and a 1 eyed corgi. Which technically belongs to Animal Control but she’s staying with me because big dogs make her nervous…or rather I already have one one-eyed dog what another?

So far Today i haven’t accomplished as much, I did managed to update the Rail Trail Blog and facebook, as well as the Animal Rescue Merrimack Valley blog and facebook status. I am going to try to at least post a picture a day..i know that i TAKE a picture a day…i am trying to use my cellphone more, and i have added this blog to the email list.

I picked up as yet a third part time job with the Rail Trail developer so with a tiny bit of extra cash coming in every week I am hoping to buy a new laptop or at least afford a dataplan for my phone so I can post from the field…so that when i am sitting in traffic with the interesting thing to say I can at least post it before I forget it. Let hope…

Anyone want a corgi?


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