this is not a toy

Check this out…..i open the box from amazon today…which contains…a zombie killing tool and 6 pairs of socks…and which item is bearing a warning label? That just broke me up.

The Fiskars 7860 Brush Axe which i warned you i was buying, plus my first installment of new socks – which oddly took LONGER to pick out than the Brush Axe did. Apparently the socks i was..were…USED to buy have been outsourced and are no longer of the same quality. So after reading the reviews for like 3 or 4 different brands of similar socks I chose the Champion Ankle pack of 6. One would have assumed that the quality would have been all about the same, but apparently not. About 20 years ago, I discovered the joy of never matching socks again. Simply choose some socks you like…and then throw away all your others. I am ready for another sock purge because the last batch of a dozen socks were not up to par. I still need to buy another 6 or 12, over the next few months. but then they all get tossed in drawer and every sock will match every other sock, cept for the rag woolen ones which only match each other. What can i say? . . . i am saving years of my life that i would have spent matching up clean socks.

BTW i immediately put that dangerous plastic bag in the dumpster, and took my brush axe into the bathroom with me.

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