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I took the wolf rescue donation page down to rejigger it a bit, i just haven’t finalized my decisions. It looks like i WON’T be doing the flying trip to Kansas to pick up Lobo..or maybe i will… i don’t know yet…. wait let me begin at the beginning…..

I have been working with the wildlife rescue people for a while now, encouraging them to start exploiting the internet for donations and self promotions, merchandising, etc…it’s the same song i have been singing to the cat rescue groups with varying degrees of success. What i was slow to learn…wait for it…..”just because someone says they want help, doesn’t mean they want YOU to help them.” notice the subtle difference from the traditional mantra that most of learn as we age: “just because someone needs help doesn’t mean they want it.” Yesterday i ran face first into the difference.

The person donating the use of the SUV..and driving, also claimed to have funding for the gas expenses coming from another donor..Please feel free to view this with smelly suspicion…most of us are..cept for the people closest to the center of immediate need…which is completely understandable. You have an emergency you tend to believe people who walk up and say they can help…so fine.. we make a date to do a prep meeting..yesterday morning..this is 33 miles from my house and i had just spent and entire day up there building animal pens. No problem i can certainly come back for this, we should have had this meeting a week ago. I’m a big one for plans..and this other person has serious OCD like you read about…she does..but apparently not much empathy for persons outside of her immediate orbit, because she delayed and delayed the meeting until it was called off – now i had just wasted MOST of a day and 25 dollars in gas..without a whiff of apology or concern that we were seriously getting off to a bad start.

Needless to say.. …you know i CAN HEAR YOU SAYING ‘I SAW THIS COMING’ right?….this is already not a person i want to drive 3600 miles with in an enclosed space with a 100 pound wild animal. So after a good cry and scream and some breakage around the house…i accepted the fact that i won’t be going on this road trip…unless..there is also a good chance that this fickle person will disappear into a puff of smoke up her backside and i will be back in the car.

All i DO know is i am really fucking sick of rich folks. Don’t take this the wrong most of america i’d like to be one.. but after 50 years of spiraling down out of upper middle class into a zone that balances  on the top level of seriously fucking poor. But once you spend most of your time trying to survive – rich folks don’t want to spend much time with you. Earlier this year one of my upper middle class friends..(read someone with a well paying job, who could afford to travel) drifted out of my life, in my opinion because there just weren’t enough things we could do together. just GETTING to a meetup spot takes a chunk of change for me. in July another friend, this time an UPPER class friend..someone whose husband has a very good job and all her kids are in college..basically broke up with my by text, when i suggested we have lunch, she texted back .’why?’ yeah if she was a guy i’d have firebombed her car for that.

What this whole road trip thing has driven home to me is that as a group we let rich folks treat us all with callous disregard on a regular basis because we need their patronage. that’s it. Rich folks shit don’t stink. As long as the rescue trip needed my sort of grassroots fundraising and organizing, i was a welcome presence…once the rich folks..or well i think upper middle classy folks want to take very crunchy..lets put on a show attitude became declassé.

Hey, after getting whacked on the side of the head with a shovel, i can see a fiasco in the making as well as the next person. there is a better than average chance that this road trip will not go off as planned. Knowing the rescuers as i do, they are willing to swallow a lot of whatever, in order to get the animal in their care. And I agree, that’s the goal and my frustrations are MINE to feed and care for. I will pitch in to pick up the mess after the fact, but i have decided to mind my own shit. they don’t want to do fundraising on the internet or use social networking to advance their cause…hey, no problem less work for me.

so this morning back to my regularly scheduled programming.

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