citywebsite despite all the undone work I had laying around, i spent most of the day waiting for modern chemistry to make my migraine go away. I wonder what people did before we invented excedrine and red bull. . . i never heard of one until i had my first one and my second one. I used to get them all the time…then i went for years with nary a one…now  I spend my life carefully balancing levels of caffeine between too much and not enough. Don’t even suggest NONE even in jest, because sulfites and nitrites trigger them too and the caffeine is also the remedy, go fig.

When I finally got my act together i couldn’t do anything too mentally complicated. All i got done was some laundry and order packing.   When i sat down to hang ten on my  surfing I discovered that the webmaster for my town had lifted one of my best images to use on the city’s homepage. Not only without permission but also without credit.

It’s kinda depressing, if they had asked I certainly would have granted permission, i always do. Most of my local images are usually used for advancing my non-profit projects anyway. My city is smallish, not rinky dink, but small enough so that I see the mayor on a regular basis.  I have already sent off an email about the image lifting and I’m sure it wasn’t intentional on anyone’s part but the webmasters.  We can probably work out some way for them to make it up to me. But seriously bub, i am not a particularly civilized person and would easily kick this guy’s ass for stealing my work, so the city better pony up a really great apology.

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