through a glass darkly

I have had a good week..and i have been spoiling myself rotten. someone’s got a job for me brokering truck shipments and i actually don’t have any utility companies gunning for me…no really i don’t…and i have shipped almost everything in my inbox. like i said a good week…basically it’s good when i am not afraid to answer my phone because it is probably NOT someone yelling at me, instead of probably is. of my rewards was ordering some reading glasses. I was GOING TO renew the roadside service anyway, so i switched back to Triple A, since that got me 30% off the eye exam, then i walked the new RX over to walmart..yes walmart…i didn’t even know they had an eyeglass shop…and ordered the 2nd least expensive pair in the shop. They are only for reading books, as i don’t seem to have a problem with the computer screen…so i spent a grand total of ($69 on AAA, $65 for RX, and $69 for the glasses) Which I think was a good parlay.My original intention was to take advantage of one of the few trustworthy online eyeglass replacement sites…see but then i would have had to wait longer and then get them basically i spent a weentsy bit more and i will get them in a week fitted. I am looking forward to actually FINISHING a book when i sit down with it, instead of falling asleep after reading pages 3 and 4 multiple times and giving up.

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