time and temperature

geeze louise it’s hot here.

Since the 90° plus weather took hold of New England I haven’t felt like poking my head outside for much at all. [no i never caught that last kitten, we fixed mama and turned her loose, so she can hook up with her kitten and start bringing it by the feeding stations]

I don’t do well in the very hot weather I tend to get sweaty, dull and very cranky. I tend to reverse my schedule and work at night and cower in a dark room in the day time. Yes I realize I am at liberty to do this and many people are not. I’m not sorry.

I thought it was just me, but Bill over at Hangfire Books made this lovely wine cork board while he was cowering in the dark as well.

Since I have been in hiding, I have managed to make a few more kitten hammocks and load a bunch of old projects to Instructables, fiddle with some new chapters for my repair book, and turned my hand to origami, (it was SUPPOSED to be a goldfish.)

So, for all those cowering in the dark who can’t work up any enthusiasm for ‘Work’ work. Here are a few things you can do that FEEL like work – but aren’t:

• inventory your dvd collection www.dvdspot.com
• copyedit or write wikipedia articles on your favorite topic
• write some Instructables
• learn how stuff works at HowStuffWorks.com
• do some creative jounaling.
• read up on all the DIY projects you will do when you feel like getting sweaty.
clean your dirty computer
• make an emergency ‘GO Bag’
make a sympathy doll

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